Lamborghini Reventon: Exterior, Engine, and Pricing

Lamborghini reventon angled open doors silver front side view

Lamborghini, a leading company producing sport car has innovatively created a new masterpiece called Lamborghini reventon. Inspired from classic supercar, Murcielago, this car is then improved in the design and characteristics. Knowing the extreme characteristics, the manufacturers created and limit this car only in 20 pieces. Then, what actually make this car adorable and awaited by its loyal customers? Looking form the outer impression, this car is able to steal […]

4 Door Jeep Wranglers the Large Off-roads Car

4 door jeep wrangler cool and comfort interior

Off-road car is one car type which special design to crossing the land road or many other extreme roads which generally cannot cross by the other car type. This special car has unique characteristic which will help it to cross impossible area. Generally this kind of car only used to reach the very long area in the deep of the jungle or much other area which cannot reach by the […]

Lexus is250 f Sport: a Combination of Stylish and Sporty Car

Lexus is250 f sport special white side view

Looking for a stylish and sporty vehicle? Then you absolutely must have a look on Lexus is250 f sport. This car is a variant inspired from LFA sport vehicle, yet it is equipped with any elements to create fun-to-drive impressions. Starting with the exterior, the front part is beautifully completed with honeycomb sprindle grille paired with impressive headlamps. This outer look becomes perfectly awesome with the presence of 19” wheel. […]

Lamborghini Countach the Mid-Engined Super Car

Lamborghini Countach Special Yellow Front View

Super car can be said as the fastest car which allowed to slide in the highway. This car has special feature which allow it to run very fast in high way. In this modern era, having super car is something very boasts, even though they cannot ride it in their daily activities due to the high level of traffic jam. Lamborghini is one of the super car manufacturers with the […]

BMW Z3 the First Roadster by BMW

BMW Z3 Beautiful Yellow Front Side View

When we are talking about BMW, there will be the number of interesting point which will make every discussion feel warm. Many people agree about the BMW car quality which sold in all over the world. It is caused by the number of high technology which installed in their car, for example the special key which need to registered annually. From the number of car which already produces by BMW, […]

Hennessey Venom GT: A Great Hyper Car Ever!

Hennessey venom gt excellent black side view

When you think that the fastest car is still awarded for Bugatti, perhaps by looking out the following review you might change the thought. It is Hennessey venom gt that is success in beating the Bugatti for taking 0-300 km/h during 13.63 seconds only. Venom GT can reach 434 km/h, a bit quicker than Bugatti for delivering only 431 km/h. But, until now there is no exact recognition from any […]

The Number of BMW Models

BMW models sport wonderful orange back view

Car is one type of modern vehicle which used the kinetic energy which produced by the engine. In this modern era, the number of car which exists in the highway was always increasing. It means people need this type of vehicle. There are many car manufacturers which compete to produce the best car; one of them is the BMW. BMW is one of the best European car manufacturers which always […]

What Makes This Bugatti Veyron SS Top Speed a Superb?

Bugatti Veyron SS top speed graceful white side view

For many car collectors having a handsome and good-looking car is yet complete without the speed ability on the road. For you who are in needs of having a super speed vehicle, then you must take a look on Bugatti veyron 16.4 super sports. This car is designed by Volkswagen group and is manufactured by Bugatti automobile S.A.S France. According to Top Gear TV program, Bugatti Veyron SS top speed […]

Upgrade Performance Of Hennessey Corvette

Hennessey corvette special red side view

Hennessey corvette is one of the best ways to upgrade the Corvette car performance. This method will make sure every point which can help to maximize the corvette performance. Many people often think they can upgrade their corvette performance by change every standard engine part with the racing type. This way generally will be done by people who do not understand how to maximize their corvette; they only understand how […]

Rumor Of Ford Escape Recall

Ford escape recall cool red back view

Ford is one of the most famous car manufacturers, which well known with the material quality used. Every people agree with this statement, especially for them who have already comparing this car with the other car in the same class. Even many people try to combine the ford spare part with the other brand to get the best body strength. Beside the number of the advantages, ford also has much […]