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Company Introduction

Qingdao HuiCheng Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co.,Ltd, is a professional company provide environmental and energy saving solutions for refrigeration systems. We have 15 engineers, all are super talented with more than 10 year’s experience, focus on design, producing, assembling, and inspection of refrigeration systems. We have our own factory producing PU panel, showcase and compressor unit, use the modern processing line, our “Huge Cool” series products include screw type parallel unit, semi-hermetic reciprocal parallel unit, digital scroll parallel unit,air cooled compression condensing unit, water cooled compression condensing unit, industrial low temperature salt water unit, air coolers, air condensers and PLC control cabinet, etc. These products are widely used in food, fisheries, medical, chemical industry, science research, logistics and brewing industry etc.

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Mobile phone:+86-13153293519

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