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The reason for the slow cooling of the high and low temperature test chamber

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1, external reasons:
(1) the use of high and low temperature test chamber temperature is too high
Generally recommended that the ambient temperature of the equipment used in 5~30. If the ambient temperature is too high, such as in the summer, room temperature at around 36 degrees, there may be other equipment cooling, temperature or even more than 36 degrees, which will result in a high temperature test box cooling slow. In this case, the main is the ambient temperature is reduced, such as laboratory equipped with air conditioning. Some laboratory hardware is limited, can only open the device baffle, with fan hair to achieve the purpose of cooling.
(2) the fouling of the equipment is serious.
Because the equipment is not maintained for a long time, resulting in serious accumulation of ash on the condenser condenser, thereby affecting the cooling effect. Therefore, it is required to clean the condenser of the equipment regularly.
(3) test product load is bigger
Canton County in the customer before ordering equipment, and customers will confirm whether there is a test product heat load. If the test product test need. Generally speaking, as long as the calorific value of product testing within 300W for test box has little effect, if calorific value over the general assembly so that the inside temperature slow decline, in a short period of time difficult to achieve temperature setting.
2, internal reasons:
(1) equipment fans do not work
After the equipment is running, observe whether the fan is running. Generally run can hear the voice of the wind turbine. If the fan running in the test chamber can normally start, that is not a fan of the problem. Conversely, the need to overhaul the replacement of wind turbines, etc..
(2) the refrigeration system of the equipment
The refrigeration system of the equipment is the core of the cooling of the test chamber. If appeals are ruled out, first need to examine the refrigeration unit of low-temperature compressor, if the value of low-temperature compressor exhaust and suction pressure than normal are low and suction pressure was evacuated, indicating that the main refrigeration unit of refrigerant insufficient margin. In addition, can by hand to touch the compressor exhaust and suction pipe, the exhaust pipe temperature is not high, suction pipe temperature is not low (not frost). It also illustrates the host group refrigerant shortage and need to replenish refrigerant.

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